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  1. Question about Means Test and Deductions for food,gas,etc.
  2. AP: Surge in bankruptcies shows signs of slowing
  3. Question re: Married - Not Filing Jointly
  4. URGENT: Is this Fraudulent Conveyance?? Closing Short sale TODAY; 2nd demands $6500
  5. Trustee power
  6. How do creditors get your new cell phone #
  7. Bankruptcy in Michigan after divorce......
  8. How to file a Motion for Moratorium
  9. File Joint or Single?
  10. Approaching the end
  11. Filing Chapter 11 tomorrow
  12. Question about cc liens
  13. Overwhelmed with debt? Here are your options
  14. Confused in Indianapolis! Should we file as we are going to let 2nd house "go back"
  15. Chapter 7 & Federal Taxes...
  16. I think it's time
  17. Can I pre-pay Mortgage for a few months before filing Ch7?
  18. Why is my BK not appearing on my credit report?
  19. Can I be fired if my employer is a creditor listed in my BK?
  20. What happens if your income shows decrease in the 6 month look back?
  21. Collections agencys calling my exhusband, exmother inlaw, ex sister inlaw!!!
  22. 2nd mortgage confusion post BK Greentree
  23. Thank you bankruptcy!!
  24. Question: How do I know when a forclosed home (included in Ch 7) is settled?
  25. Pacer and filing
  26. Must X be notifed of bankruptcy filing
  27. Will Filing Bankruptcy effect my finaled HAMP loan modification signed by my lender?
  28. post bankruptcy marriage
  29. Question: Scarey Reaffirment question
  30. 18% intrest rate on auto loan, will we be able to refi after BK?
  31. What if ..., After I go bankrupt?
  32. Recent spending prior to chapter 7 filing
  33. Deadline looming, please read...sorry a little long...
  34. Question: What if a stay pending appeal is not granted, and your house is sold?
  35. Question: Motorcycle Title
  36. Sued in nickname-Use legal name-Did lawyer do background check?
  37. Question: How Long to File Bankruptcy after Creditors Write Off Debt Owed?
  38. Question About Automatic Payments from my Checking
  39. I REALLY surprised a creditor :)
  40. Second mortgage 6 months now with no payments
  41. Military Discharge followed by overpayment
  42. Am I missing something in III § 548 about voiding a transfer?
  43. Money for donating plasma
  44. Why am I so nervous? Appt. in the morning to go over paperwork with attorney...
  45. A few tips on Bk and Credit counseling please
  46. Saw attorney first time today - may have Ch 13, not 7, now not sure what to do
  47. Need a little friendly advice
  48. Question: What happens when parents pass away and house still mortgaged?
  49. IRS Tax Lien
  50. Question: I need help..
  51. Question: Co-signer on auto filing BK
  52. How difficult is it and what is needed to convert a Ch. 13 to a 7?
  53. Discharged!!
  54. Is it a good idea for husband to file on his own?
  55. IRS Tax LIen
  56. Ugh, I just want this to be over
  57. Another DMI Question
  58. Household size in West Michigan
  59. Question: First timer and have no idea what the forms are that i recieved in the mail today
  60. Suggestions on post BK Pre-discharge course
  61. How do they divide expenses when one spouse files?
  62. Am I bad in thinking this way??? RE: leaving house
  63. How does this work? If there is a mistake on the paperwork?
  64. Is there any benefit of chapter 7 vs judgements in my case?
  65. Can you pass a chapter 7 means test only to find out you don't qualify?
  66. How do I get an accurate list of my debts?
  67. Is this normal
  68. What does DMI mean?
  69. What happens after you pass means test?
  70. Pacer Problem
  71. National Health Service Corps -- Loan Repayment
  72. Any issues 60 days post 341?
  73. My paralegal is so mean, bad attitude :( Ahhhhh!!!
  74. Is it more discouraged to file for BK when in military?
  75. Blah. That was quick. Already locked out of paying mortgage online...
  76. Question: ShortSale after Chapter 7 ....advice
  77. Reflecting on my journey in and out of crippling debt
  78. Credit card BK filing addresses
  79. Reflecting on the experience - my journey in and out of crippling debt
  80. We actually got a loan mod from ALS!!!
  81. questions on HOA arrears and BK
  82. NY Attorney Needs Advice: Client with Deficiency Judgment
  83. NOD and Foreclosure after BK
  84. Article in paper shows local realtor files bankruptcy, and I'm just sick
  85. Update and a thank you
  86. Hiring an Attorney
  87. unpaid medical Bills
  88. The phone has stopped ringing!!
  89. It sometimes happens, AP over alledged fraudulent mortgage application.
  90. Advice on handling an attorney
  91. Saw Bankruptcy attorney today
  92. Which is Worse:Having a claim filed or having a claim intentionally NOT filed?
  93. What's your advice on this?
  94. Coming Soon on Pacer
  95. Banks and End of Year Mortgage Statements in BK
  96. What to do ?
  97. creditor may have sold my debt included in BK
  98. Credit card application question
  99. Any one know what these PACER codes mean?
  100. too late to file or even need to?
  101. Homestead exemption and moving to new state
  102. What I decide to do.
  103. What state exemptions do I use?
  104. Need*Immediate* Help
  105. How do Garnish work
  106. What can I said to my Creditors while I look into finding a Bk
  107. Ugh...just checked credit scores post filing.
  108. Do I let the courts no about my business Credit when I do a Consumer Bk
  109. Considering BK due to business loss...I'm scared & questions
  110. Missed Payment due THREE days ago on HELOC with USAA and they just called!!!
  111. Valuation Guide for Donations/Taxes can be helpful for pricing your household goods
  112. Question: What are they looking for in my bank statements when i file for bankruptcy?
  113. Please help me....I feel so over whelmed right now!
  114. Question: Social Security and Un-Employment Benefits!!!
  115. This has been such a painful journey
  116. Some oif the Lawyers say Bankruptcy debt relife
  117. Employer sill garnishing my wages after chapter 13 filing
  118. If you Filed with SSDI when you passed means, but had disposable income...
  119. Does anyone know about Sears?
  120. Take Money out of bank or don't worry about it
  121. Anyone with experience in Chapter 11?
  122. Which Means Test would I take if I am moving?
  123. Removing a spouse after filing for bankruptcy
  124. Becoming an Authorized user before discharge
  125. How did you answer this question? Or will this concern you in the future?
  126. refiling bankruptcy
  127. How bankruptcy attorneys make money
  128. Info compiled regarding SS and bankruptcy
  129. Projected Disposable Income Vs. Disposable Income
  130. Landlord Notification
  131. I made the paper today...I feel like an a@@.
  132. Question: bankruptcy and first time homebuyer credit?
  133. Sweet Irony: 341 set with extra special circumstances
  134. Question: Security Reinvestigation - Who Here Has Had One Due to BK?
  135. after being abroad , many questions
  136. I need your help, advice please!!!
  137. It's official. Now the wait!
  138. Parents used my credit. Result: Early bankruptcy
  139. Foreign Bank Accounts and BK
  140. How do posters get to be Bk mentors,tutors.etc?
  141. Terminating your Attorney
  142. What do you do if you forget to add a creditor onto your Ch 7?
  143. Pasrt Due Reimbursements for Children
  144. Debt validation
  145. Those who HAVE a Walmart money card - have you used it for car rental?
  146. Unresponsive attorney
  147. Purchases prior to filing 13
  148. Sandals add shows on my bkforum page
  149. Finding a reputable property management company in NJ for my home
  150. tax refund question
  151. Debt and waiting it out (not filing BK)...is it a realistic possibility?
  152. Pacer emergency...help!!
  153. $76,000 in credit card debt...NOW WHAT?!?
  154. Question: Chapter 11...Individual...for the serious only or if you need to feel better
  155. History of bankruptcy-
  156. Chase Credit Card Minimum payment Increase to 5%
  157. Newbie- Don't know where to start! longer post. sorry
  158. Do you need to speak hypothetically with your BK attorney? or can u speak freely?
  159. moving from 13 to 7
  160. Recording bankruptcy - SF86
  161. Question: changed my mind before filing, can I get my money back?
  162. Question: Can they put a lien on your house in Texas?
  163. Pacer
  164. WA Homestead question
  165. creditor objections??
  166. Question: Retirement Savings Account 401(a)
  167. Ignorant newbie needs help.
  168. Question: Is it safe to open a checking account at bank whose credit card you BKed?
  169. Finally Able to Tell Creditors I am Filing!
  170. Judgment vs Lien
  171. Question: How long is Houston taking to give discharges?
  172. Will judgements/liens show up on a background check?
  173. My first Post and a Big Thanks!
  174. How to find old debts to add to a BK filing?
  175. Is this statement true?
  176. "Meeting of Creditors?"
  177. Reaffirmed car just died (permanently). Any thoughts or wisdom?
  178. Recover of funds from Debt Management Company
  179. Mediation scheduled prior to when we will file- what to do?
  180. Question: Time between BK's?
  181. Lien on Property
  182. Need question answered about life insurance in a chapter 7 bankruptcy
  183. Bank of America letter
  184. Creditors didn't waste any time
  185. Question: 04 Car Repo'd Today - YEah !!! 30 phone calls a day & Laid Off
  186. Cross-Collateralization / Checking account seizure / Tax refund questions
  187. Question: Effect of Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy on Stay of Execution in Current Litigation
  188. USAA and auto insurance renewal...
  189. Selling Truck & RV while in Chapt 13
  190. Question: Creditor seized ROTH IRA/ Need Advice
  191. HOA arrears- secured, undischargable?
  192. Why do they have to wait 60 days?
  193. Need advice from those who know (preferably firsthand) about Debt Management Plans!
  194. Question: Motion to Incur New Debt - Finding Auto Loan
  195. Letter from my attorney's firm, post discharge
  196. Advice needed re: "Detainer" on my public record
  197. Update on resetting filing dates and not requiring Schedule I
  198. Discharged from debt: Chapter 7, over the median income
  199. how far in advance do you do pre bk counseling in NJ?
  200. A Poem...........Of Sorts
  201. Attorney Changed Petition Without My Consent
  202. Question: Arizona?
  203. Starting the BK process but just got a promotion!?!?
  204. What does this mean?
  205. Pacer Help Please..
  206. Question: Going to retire, but too many debts
  207. CT Sales Tax
  208. PACER Question
  209. Updated regulations re garnishment of government benefit acciounts .
  210. Does the automatic stay include field inspectors?
  211. cosigner on student loan?
  212. Question: home equity?
  213. executory contracts
  214. Educational Loan owned and controlled by the University - can it be discharged?
  215. Market Analysis
  216. Question about inheritance/distribution from a trust
  217. Interesting Foreclosure and bankruptcy Article
  218. Bye, Bye BOA and Amex!..Relieved...
  219. Creditor being a TOTAL &&###&
  220. To file or not to file?
  221. Landlord questions
  222. Listed Creditor Wrong
  223. Uncertain
  224. CH-7, Cancelation of Debt notice, and Taxes
  225. Wondering what the record is?
  226. CA foreclosures...how long is it taking them to kick you out?
  227. Property Taxes Mortgage Interest
  228. credit card not included in filing with insignificant balance accidentally
  229. (accidental duplicate thread, please ignore) mod please delete
  230. inhereted a house after bankruptcy was discharged
  231. Should I worry about Citibank freezing my bank account?
  232. Spouses debts
  233. Income questions? Secured loan questions???
  234. Interesting maneuver by my credit union
  235. S corp bankruptcy
  236. credit card and idenity theft
  237. Just wondering
  238. 2 questions
  239. I need help with my paper work
  240. Should I be worried?
  241. Value of Home
  242. Is this real?
  243. Inexpensive Online Filing ONLY - No Preparation or Consulting Needed
  244. bankrupcy when cant pay amount owed from a lawsuit?
  245. NFL season tickets & timeshares
  246. personal chapter 11
  247. Is it unusual for lawyer to charge $200 consult fee?
  248. How soon will CC companies come after us?
  249. Previous Divorce And Statute Of Limitations?
  250. Question: Bankruptcy advice