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  • Employer Paid HSA Contribution Included in Wage Garnishment Calculation?

    I just got my most recent paycheck, and boy am I livid! $314.69 was garnished (a creditor sued without serving me and got a default judgement), leaving me only $340.70 net pay (and I need to pay nearly $600 in rent today). I only make $10.90/hour and had very little overtime on this check. However,...
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  • I've told my attorney on several occasions that I am ready to file now. He simply tells me that he is working on my petition and he tells me of the various health issues that he has been dealing with (he is at least 71 years old). I keep searching the list of 341 meetings in my District, and my attorney's...
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  • Extremely Slow Attorney - What Would You Advise?

    I've been lurking on these forums since about April or May of 2016 while preparing to file bankruptcy and have learned so much. I now find myself facing a frustrating dilemma and would like some advice.

    In mid-May of 2016, I paid my bankruptcy attorney his full fee plus part of the filing...
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