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  • Thank you so much for replying. I understood everything you said.

    Since I originally went to them with all my audit paperwork as it was the only reason I was filing bankruptcy with no other dischargeable debt, I can't imagine the official assessment date wasn't the main factor in all this....
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  • Sorry, I should clarify that. I meant to say the bankruptcy attorney told me today that I should call the state and work out a payment plan of say $100 a month. Which I responded the monthly interest and penalties on a $80,000 debt wouldn't even be covered with a $100 monthly payment. I don't want...
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  • HELP - Learning a tax liability was never discharged

    I had an audit done on a sole priority business I had from 1999-2010. The audit was done in 2010 for tax year 2008. There was no fraud involved, but I got stuck holding the bag for a lot of money that I put in the bank that year for safe keeping for someone and never told my accountant about it because...
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