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  • NextPhaseNow
    started a topic Chapter 13 and the aftermath

    Chapter 13 and the aftermath

    I am new to this site and am so glad I stumbled upon it. My husband and I filed back in 2014 and our last payment is later this year. I have questions since the lawyer we used doesn't seem to have too many answers.
    We have been making timely mortgage payments and just turned in our leased vehicle...
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  • Can / Should I get a Credit Union Secured Card when my husband is going to declare BK


    I have only recently been married and my husband has had a lot of credit card debt for years. Due to some changes, he is now unable to pay and decided to file for BK. As most was collected before we got married, we were informed that it is possible that only he files. At the same...
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  • max2k10
    started a topic Ch 13 Secure Credit Card Question

    Ch 13 Secure Credit Card Question

    Hi All, I need some advise. I know there are a ton of info on this site about credit cards, but I would like to ask the following. I want to start building my credit back up. My attorney has told me that I do not need to ask the trustee for permission to apply. Is that true? If approved, I'm not planning...
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  • Why are secured cards never discussed as a means to rebuild credit?

    Just wondering if anyone has personal experience using a small secured credit card to re-establish credit. I don't want any of them, but if I were going to get one it would obviously be secured. Why does it always have to be a unsecured card that leaves the ability for you to get back into the same...
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  • Local Credit Union Denied Me A Secured Card

    Im foaming at the mouth after leaving my local credit union (i recently became a member). First of all they denied me of a checking acct. and gave me a savings, they told me that my EQ report still showing bad open accts. So I asked the branch manager if they had any secured cards I can take part of...
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