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Should you disclose your bankruptcy once an offer is made

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    BEST WISHES TO HUBBY AND You !!!!!!!!!!!!


      Disclosing bankruptcy is probably not a good idea unless you are specifically asked about it. That is your private business and no one needs to know about it.


        Originally posted by randian View Post
        I just got (and accepted) a new job offer. They didn't ask and I didn't tell. Personally, I don't think it matters unless it's a job where the disclosure is mandatory, like some financial sector jobs.
        I'm of the same opinion, don't ask, don't tell.

        Congratulations btw.


          Originally posted by Fallonedward View Post
          Hubby started his new job on Monday the 12th and his background check came back "passed". He never disclosed our bankruptcy, nor did the company bring it up. So happy that at least one of us is employed full time now. Hopefully I will find a direct hire position soon and our fresh start will be able to begin.

          This position was for Accounts Receiveable Finance Manager

          Just wanted to thank everyone on this post for your help and assistance
          Just wanted to add that hubby just celebrated his first year of employment at his far so good
          Chapter 7 filed 11/4/10 ---- 341 Meeting 12/1/10 ---- Discharge 1/31/2011.


            I had a very similar experience. My background check was just that- looking to verify employers, SS#, and of course criminal offenses. I asked for LexisNexis to send me a copy of the report which they did.

            I kept mum on the BK and it was never an issue though I admit it caused sleepless nights until I got the all clear.

            The last hurdle was the corporate credit card. I was relieved when they didn't ask for my SS# or other details and that sailed through.

            BTW- this was with a larger retail finacial institution as well.

            Life does get better after BK!


              I don't think that could be viable option in that particular case...


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