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Telephonic 341 and presentation of identity and SS#

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    Telephonic 341 and presentation of identity and SS#

    I am researching how to properly \to present identify and SS# to trustee prior to the meeting. During this COVID time a lot of courts are requiring debtors to 'appear' telephonically for their 341 meeting.

    Under ordinary circumstances, the debtor would appear in person and present Trustee with a physical id card (say state driver's license) and physical social security card. The Trustee would then examine it and the debtor and proceed if no problems.

    Thus, I am wondering how this 'verification' process of id/ss card is done telephonically? If Trustee is requesting debtor to mail/fax/email a copy of the id/ss card, is it the onus of debtor to verify its authenticity by providing a declarative statement under perjury as to it being a 'true and correct' copy?

    As Pro Se, i do not know represented debtors are instructed by their attorney. Perhaps the attorney provides a form with this kind of verification statement with their copy of id/ss card?

    Or perhaps at the 341, the Trustee simply asks something like 'do you swear that the copy of identify card and social card are authentic'?

    Or is this something that the Pro Se should look into getting notarized?

    I do not want to overlook a procedure that may be so critical.

    It will likely be a video "telephonic" 341 meeting. Be prepared to show your identification (government-issued photo ID) along with proof of social security number. If it's going to be a voice-only call, you'll likely need to send the Trustee copies of the required documentation in advance, and swear to it on the phone.

    I had an in-person 341 Meeting so I can't say exactly what will happen with your specific trustee, since there are 1,000s of Chapter 7 Panel Trustees.
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    Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


      I hired an attorney to represent me.

      During the lead up/filing process, I needed to supply copies of my identifying documents to my attorney (I imagine they get filed with the trustee through some method), and during my 341 meeting (May of 2021) which was 100% over the phone, no video, I answered my questions, including confirming identification details under oath.

      I do not have any idea how a Pro Se would have dealt with this, however, I thought I'd add these details to give you an idea.

      Edit: Remembered a detail. My attorney confirmed with the trustee's office during the call that they had received copies of my identifying documents. It was up to me to say that yes, I was in fact that person, and I think I had to verify a minimal amount of info.

      This goes back to, there is likely a way to file these documents with the trustee, I know the trustee in my case has details on their site about submitting documents to them. You might research that specific route.
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