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Document Gathering Stage - hitting a wall

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    Document Gathering Stage - hitting a wall

    I am such a ball of stress trying to gather the documents for our Chapter 13. I'm going through our Bills spreadsheet to try and get latest statements for all of our creditors. Of the accounts I can successfully get into (forgot username, forgot password, forgot account number, can't reset username without account number, dude at Wells Fargo could not be less helpful, etc.), many of them have gone to collections already so there's just a note that says it's a closed account and no statement and no information about what collections agency has the account.

    And do you think I saved all the collections/statements we've received in the mail? Of course not. I didn't want that looming over our head at the time so I was just tossing them, which of course is on me... I'm so frustrated and I want to pull my hair out!

    Side note: I officially don't feel bad that Wells Fargo isn't getting their money back after the struggle just trying to log in to our accounts. We have four accounts with them, one is auto and one is student loan so we'll be keeping those. The other two were for an air conditioning unit and our couch. The most embarrassing thing about that air conditioning unit is we chose to have it in our bedroom and our garage. We have an air conditioned garage, ya'll. If anyone ever asks me how THIS happened to us, I'm going to tell them we thought we needed an air conditioned garage. That's how bougie we are. (to be fair, that's how bougie my husband is and I am easily convinced haha)

    Phew okay, now to tackle our Amazon account (Due to a problem with your account, you may not log in at this time. Please contact Customer Service at 1-866-634-8379 )

    #2 the best you can and ask your attorney for guidance. Your attorney will be pulling a credit report for you to verify all your accounts. Good luck getting your information together and starting the process! Welcome to this site!
    Filed Chapter 13 - 07/20/12
    Discharged 8/2/16


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