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Noticed an error on my petition - have lawyer amend or no big deal?

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    Question Noticed an error on my petition - have lawyer amend or no big deal?

    We just filed and I happened to be showing my family member the petition and noticed that for monthly expenses the lawyer put 380 for transportation, maintenance, bus fare, etc. When I filled out the paperwork I put 150 so maybe they changed this on purpose? For my monthly income vs expenses I'm negative like 1500 so from 380 to 150 wouldn't really change anything but I was wondering if I should make a stink about this or not? Would the trustee look at that amount and compare it to how many charges I seem to have from gas stations or no? I just don't want any trouble as a result of this.

    Thanks in advance

    It may not be an error. The attorney may have used the IRS standards for transportation expense. That number usually includes vehicle insurance as well, but you would need to speak to your attorney about how they came up with that specific number.

    So if you put $150, they probably added the National Standard "ownership" allowance which is $242/month in Phoenix, and $217 everywhere else. So I'm sure they took what you had and probably added the standard allowance on top of that.

    Again, if you're unsure, just ask. You should be able to understand what numbers are used because, that 341 Meeting, the Trustee will ask if everything in the petition is accurate.
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