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341 is Over and Done!

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    341 is Over and Done!

    Today was literally a 3 minute long phone conference with my attorney and the trustee. The trustee just had me verify under oath that everything I submitted and signed was reviewed with me by my attorney. No questions about my son's SSI or his special needs trust. No questions at all really. My credit union has sent a reaffirmation agreement to my attorney for my auto loan, but I won't be signing it unless the attorney sees a need to do so. So now it's just waiting for two more months, but I already feel better about life.

    Congratulations, and welcome to Club Sixty!

    Just so you know, nearly every single credit union (CU) wants a reaffirmation. I suspect that your attorney is going to tell you that if you want the car, you have to sign the reaffirmation. If you don't sign a reaffirmation presented by a CU that requested one, expect that the vehicle will be repossessed.

    CUs have a special carveout when it comes to reaffirmation agreements. Reaffirmation agreements between a debtor and a CU can be approved even if they are a burden on the debtor. That's a special condition in the bankruptcy code which allows CUs to be treated differently when it comes to reaffirmations.
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