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Would you do anything different NOW that you have been through bankruptcy?

This is a sticky topic.
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    I would have thoroughly inspected every nook and cranny of my purse before going to the courthouse. Turns out that my tiny, fold-up scissors my mom gave me for Christmas years ago were hiding in the bottom. They made me go throw them away in the outside trash can. Even though we'd arrived early for the meeting, we had to park far away and there was no way I could return them to the car.

    I also would have drank my entire bottle of water before going in. They made everyone throw away their water bottles. Anybody ever get nervous and their mouth gets dry? Umm, yeah...


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      Originally posted by Chrysalis View Post

      I also would have drank my entire bottle of water before going in. They made everyone throw away their water bottles. Anybody ever get nervous and their mouth gets dry? Umm, yeah...
      Same here. I had lunch just before my meeting and I had to chug what was left of my drink before I went into the court building. It's like going through airport security.


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        Originally posted by teekay View Post

        Same here. I had lunch just before my meeting and I had to chug what was left of my drink before I went into the court building. It's like going through airport security.
        I haven't been through airport security since the year 2000...... so I was a little out of practice.


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          No I would not. So many things directly and indirectly happened in and around the CH13. No I'm not saying I was destined for it, nor am I saying I didn't make poor decisions along the way. But it's part of who I am today having gone through a CH13, and still not living comfortably afterwards. The story is too long (as all of ours are), but bottom line is a major reason is my 2 kids, and where they are today potentially could have been affected if I didn't do what I did along the way that pushed me to CH13.


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            Originally posted by Chrysalis View Post
            If I had it to do over -- I will tell you this, and I will continue to tell everyone for years to come. I would have made sure I READ the ENTIRE petition before our attorney filed it with the court. I had done so much research, spent so much time here, kept meticulous spreadsheets, had all my ducks in a row, and in the end -- we got in a hurry and we chose an attorney who did not have anywhere NEAR the attention to detail that I have. She rushed us through the signing process and we had not even had a chance to look at her "rough draft" -- let alone the final.
            Chrysalis, you NAILED it here. Perfect advice for me going into this. .. thank you!


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              I filed before about 10 years ago. We did everything we could back then to try to salvage our financial state. We got a second mortgage. We ended up under employed and then couldn't afford to pay either mortgage. We couldn't afford decent vehicles because of what our mortgage was, so were always just above getting fired due to lost time for cars that wouldn't start and so on. I was glad that just I filed, back then my husband had only about 10k in debt and the mortgages and cars were all in my name. We basically lost or left everything behind and started over. It was almost a year before my husband found full time employment and we lived with family. I've had temp jobs and part time jobs and all sorts of jobs since getting laid off in 2008. I FINALLY got full time regular employment again in 2015, earning what I used to earn when I was 18 without a college degree.. lol In the meantime, we bought a cheap house, a house we could afford even if we had to pay the mortgage on unemployment. We bought new cars, but, low end new cars. Now we don't miss work and aren't always on the verge of job loss. My big financial mistake this time around was paying extra on my car, then it got heavily damaged in a hail storm and my insurance company just gave me $3500 on a 3 year old car.

              When I got the new car, I was up for a promotion, so went for a bigger car with a payment about $50 more. During the recession my work had gotten rid of the position (didn't lay anyone off, just eliminated the position going forward) and when that guy retired out of the job, I got all the job duties. Everyone assumed that they would put me in the promotional spot since I've been doing the job duties for 3 years now. Nope, they hired an outside candidate with no experience and I still get to do the job duties and train my boss. Yay! lol Anyhow, that was the only promotional opportunity at my work, there won't be another one for years. Our lawyer suggested that perhaps we could get a home equity loan or a second mortgage instead of filing.. BUT, I knew better. Did that last time, then the economy tanked and we couldn't afford the second mortgage.

              We probably won't get to do a 7, we'll probably be stuck with a 13. BUT, at least with a 13 we can convert to a 7 if the crap hits the fan.

              Things I learned along the way:
              1) Don't wait too long or you won't have anything left to save
              2) Don't risk your ability to keep a job due to inadequate transportation
              3) Don't jeopardize your home by doing anything that makes your mortgage bigger unless there is absolutely no alternative. IE, leaking roof that will ruin your home, backing up septic that will ruin your home, leaking plumbing.. I've seen people get a line of credit to get new wood floors when the old floors were fine or new kitchen cabinets. No. Those are things you save up for, not things you finance. Only finance critical repairs, good times are temporary.
              4) Shop around for your college education. That is permanent debt! I have good friends who have destroyed their lives with useless degrees from 'for profit' schools. Nothing like making $12 an hour with a degree that cost you $100k. I found a college that would let me CLEP out of a lot of my classes. I would love to get a masters degree, but, I will only continue if I get accepted at one of the cheapest schools, otherwise I won't bother. If it's regionally accredited, that's plenty for a lot of degrees, you can shop it and get the cheapest reputable degree.


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