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    Affidavit turned in

    We received our notice from the trustee saying our final payment was made for ch 13 and we submitted our affidavit the first of the month. Our attorney said we would be discharged by the end of the month, and I know that creditors have 14 days to object. I don’t have a pacer login so I don’t know when we will officially be discharged, but I’m in the process of wanting to apply for a home and need to do a hard inquiry on my credit. Are we okay to go ahead and do this? Or should I wait for official notice of discharge, and if so, should I be expecting this notice by mail? Maybe I should call the trustees office to see if they know if I can do this? Thanks!

    Your attorney should alert you to the discharge; mine took place almost exactly 4-weeks after my last payment was posted. In my case, I was alerted by both my attorney as well as the Trustee.

    You can sign up for Pacer, it is free under a certain number of pages (I think something like 30 in a month); I highly recommend you setting up an account.

    As for hard pulls following a discharge, I jumped the gun after my discharge was official, and racked up five or six (all resulting in denials) because while my discharge had been granted, the credit bureaus took somewhere between one and two months to reflect the discharge.
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      I would wait. I'm sure the entry of discharge will help you immensely. If you're just browsing rates, seems to do a soft pull for initial rates.

      Another reason I would wait to make sure your scores settle is that many lenders don't repull within a 30-day window.

      Have you seen your three mortgage lending FICO scores? You can get them, for a fee, through places like MyFICO where it would be a soft pull. But, again, I'd wait until at least 72-96 hours after the discharge is entered before I'd do anything that requires a credit pull.
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        Ok thanks, the reason for me jumping the gun a bit is because my lender already knows about our situation and is okay with moving forward with the hard inquiry since we are being manually underwritten anyways. She thinks we have a good chance of approval. I just didn’t want to mess up our discharge in any way by having a hard inquiry and was just hoping we could move forward to get the house into a pending state until the official discharge comes through.


          our attorney is also not very communicative so I’m thinking he may not actually alert us when it’s over. We didn’t even hear from him when we had our last payment and had to approach him about the affidavit. I also just signed up for a pacer but it looks like it will take a couple weeks until I’m allowed access to anything


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