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    Sleep Number bed

    If you surrender your sleep number bed in chapter 13 bankruptcy What are the odds they will actually come pick up the bed

    Only the creditor can answer that question. I'm sure they use all sort of factors when determining their cost to recover the property. As such, plan on them sending someone to come and get it. I have read, anecdotally, that some of these PMSI creditors will donate it to charity and have the charitable organization come and get it.

    But, be careful. If you are in a 100% or near a 100% plan, you'll end up paying for most of it anyhow. The creditor will send someone to get it, liquidate it real cheap, then file an unsecured claim (or amend their claim) for the difference. Meaning you'll stay pay.

    (See some old posts in the following thread, but don't post there since it's a very old thread.

    I should probably be careful and say that you're in a Chapter 13 so your Statement of Intentions must match. You must make it available to the creditor in a Chapter 13. I don't know the logistics of that other than saying "come and get it." Depending on the creditor they can be aggressive or won't ever call.
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