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Getting new insurance and credit scores

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    Originally posted by platter View Post
    Bump ... anyone know if one's insurance can go up on vehicles? Guess they'd have to run a new check to find out, eh?
    I live in a state that allows the insurance companies to do the credit check. My policy went up about 300 dollars a year because of my bankruptcy. My policy renews in August every year, so last year I got away with not having my rate jacked up cause my bankruptcy didn't discharge until September. However, this past August is when it went up. I have been with the same company for like 10 years but I called to complain and they said there was nothing they could do about it and it really didn't matter what my score was... the "bankruptcy" itself is what caused the rate hike.

    I called around to get new quotes but all the other companies were actually higher...and I really hate 6 month policies.
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