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Another Homeowners Insurance Question

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    I have a question. My BK was discharged 7/7/10 and one of my houses was surrendered. BofA sent a letter that the homeowners insurance that was being paid via my escrow account was cancelled since I no longer occupy the house. They wanted me to get insurance or they would get lender placed insurance that is more expensive. My attorney told me to get insurance myself. It is very expensive and I got it and paid the first month. That is when it gets wierd. The lender then turns around and pays the homeowners insurance premium in full, covering one whole year and I get a refund check from the homeowners insurance provider. They paid the insurance premium from my escrow account, which was negative! I don't understand it. Will they be billing me for the insurance at some point? Or will they just eat and write off that cost. I wish they would just start foreclosure process so I can move on.

    My last payment made was February 2009, which was over 1 1/2 years ago and I haven't even gotten a NOD and BofA has only tried to contact me via phone call a few times. Is there anyway to speed up the foreclosure process? Do I need to worry about the homeowners insurance being billed to me? Should I just rent the house out since I'm not there. If BofA wants to take forever I might as well rent it. Any responses are greatly appreciated. Thanks !!!
    Discharged Chapt 7 on 7/7/10.
    Scores as of 7/12/11: EQ Fico 653; TU Fico 644; EX Quizzle 652
    Only card right now is Cap One $2500, no AF, approved 12/4/10.


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