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Paying home insurance while you live "mortgage free"?

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    Originally posted by CCsAreEvil View Post
    I didn't know things were getting this crazy. I think it's mostly vandalism (not the people who left in most cases?). I was talking with a friend and also read online that some lenders are now asking people to stay in the homes until a new owner moves in to prevent vandalism. In some cases, they are paying people to stay instead of having people rent back. Who would have thought?
    yeah...CCsREvil...the banks least here BEGGING people to stay!! i know in our other place the banks within the week secured the property and took it over. but like i have been stressing, it all going to depend on where you are.

    oh, and by the way MOST all the damage was NOT done by intruders....but by the people who actually owned the home! they, being so angry with the banks.....they just ripped the houses all apart.

    one house smelt so badly when we approach it...i almost didn't want to go it...but we did.....and here's what we saw......

    the started a fire in on the living room floor rug and cooked on it!!!!! they are urine all over .......every room had been defecated in...unreal...again NOT by vandals, but done by the ex is really terrible.
    personally, i think once many of the banks lift this foreclosure moratorium we are going to see tons more of vacate places through out the country...i'm just being to see a few of the banks started to foreclose here and there...but now the holiday season is fast approaching and i'm not thinking even the worse of the banks wants to be known to thrown people in the street for xmas! i hope anyway.
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