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PLEASE READ THIS before posting news!

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    PLEASE READ THIS before posting news!

    So, where can I go dig for some RELEVANT bankruptcy or credit-related articles to post here?

    I'm glad you asked! Here are some websites where you can get news from:

    Here are the rules for posting news:
    1) Please always paste the whole article, instead of only posting a URL. Occasionally news sites move articles into archives, links get outdated and broken, and it becomes very hard, even impossible, to find the original.

    2) Make sure that after you paste the article in this forum, that you correct any line breaks or other irregularities. Make it look nice and easily readable. One tip is to copy the article from the PRINT-view version for a better-formatted copy.

    3) Please use the exact article title as the topic title. Or at least something very descriptive of the article, post title may not be confusing.

    First line of the post body must be the date of the article. (example: Dec 3, 2009)

    Last line of the post body, must be the citation of the source URL. (example: source:

    4) Please don't post old news. The news you post get immediately shown on our homepage and become available for community discussion, so make sure that the article is very up-to-date.

    5) If you also want to comment on the article, please make another post right below your news, and not within the news article.

    Happy news-hunting!

    P.S.: Sample posting order format:

    Title of article (written in the title of the post)
    Date (first line in body)
    Body of article (after the date)
    Name of the Author (when available)
    Actual link to article (below the posted article)

    Example of a properly posted news:

    Warning!! Posts that are not made using the guidelines of the Bankruptcy & Credit News forum will be moved/deleted without warning/notification to the person that made the post.

    More importantly, members who repeatedly post News that do not conform to the posting guidelines will be given a temporary ban. Even if the post was made in error from not reading the guidelines, or if done so intentionally.

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