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Red light cameras

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    bcohen, I thought you were joking and I was seriously waiting for you to say something else. You get out of the car to turn left (so that you can obstruct your plate)? I think your "out of the box" thinking is very clever, but it's a bit much.

    At least in Florida, and in some other States, you are not allowed to leave the stop line unless you are sure that you can cross the intersection safely and yield to the vehicles approaching in the opposite direction (they have the right of way). Yes, we get some horn honkers at times, but it prevents being "caught" i the interaction and any red-light infractions. Actually, this type of turning etiquette -- if you can call it that -- existed in Florida when I first got here 15 years ago. I have never seen this type of behavior in the north east where green means go, yellow means speed up, and red means 3 more cars, please.

    I like your "what was I supposed to do? Run the guy over?"!
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      The first time they nailed me and served me. A few years later I got another ticket. The second time they were unable to serve me. They did try to over and over but I hid my car and didn't answer the door. I didn't check the online video because that means I got it. I just kept track on the court website and at the end it was dropped.

      They got me in PHX in an area I didn't know going over the speed limit. Two tickets within 30 mins. I guess the speed dropped and I didn't see that it dropped. It was an honest mistake and I would have just paid it if it was income based but it was all most two weeks pay and the choice was eating and paying rent or paying them.


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