Hi everyone. I'm new here and need your help. I am currently in active 13 for 2 1/2 years now and is under the 5 year plan. My hubby and I file joint returns every year and I'm the only one in bk. We owe taxes from 2015 for $11k and when I tried to set up an installment agreement last year they said a new rule was enforced where they no longer allowed active bk's individuals to qualify for an installment plan. However my state did allow it and I'm currently on the plan now. IRS said that I can however make voluntarily payments. So that's what I have been doing; sending in $500 every month and we are almost done paying it off. Fast forward to today and I assumed with me and husband changing our w4 to 1 and with 4 kids that we claim it would help with the tax liability. Come to find out that because our combined income doubled from last year we now owe $18k. I almost fell out of my chair. So now we are back to square one. My question is if I should continue to make voluntarily payments on the 2016 tax bill as I'm currently right now on my 2015 tax bill? My fear and concern is if the IRS can still try to levy or garnish even though we are sending in payments every month. When I spoke to the IRS they said post tax debts are not protected under the bk and the only thing that I can do is send in voluntary payments. I feel like we are hitting a dead end because they won't allow us to have an installment plan and at the same time can still take actions because this post tax debt is not protected. It's like a catch 22. So how can we ensure that we are okay just like someone is on an installment plan would be? Because I know that the installment plan guarantees protection from legal action. Sorry for the long post. As you can tell I'm a little paranoid and scared. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

BTW, I've already spoken to my attorney and she said they can not include these debts in my plan. 😞☹ī¸