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  • I didn't beg them too much. I was pretty irritated and did state why I didn't have that much money. But then of course they aren't always the nicest people. I told them once I get some of the others "that worked with me" paid off I would try and set something up. Of course those places didn't...
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  • Thanks for responding! Are you talking about the original document? I am sure "somewhere", I am pretty disorganized. I will look for it though. I have a few payment arrangement's setup now but they total around 375 monthly. I have a stack of others that won't take below their "minimum"...
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  • Is it 120 Days until forclosure process can begin?

    I was discharged almost a year ago and did not reaffirm my mortgage (so glad I didn't). I have not taken on any new debt since outside of a mountain of medical bills.

    At the moment I am trying to pay them off but they keep piling up due to everyone in my house needing medical care....
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  • Has anyone used a "patient advocate" to help with medical bills?

    My bankruptcy filing is completed now and I was discharged last summer. Almost immediately after I got slammed with thousands in medical debt. I am making payments to some of the collection agency's but have more piling on and I am out of money. I came across some articles on using a patient advocate...
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