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  • despritfreya 1&2) Thanks but I am not looking for an evaluation of that on this forum.
    You seem to be saying the potential claimant must file Complaint to Determine Dischargeability and justbroke seems to be saying I should have one filed. Am I misunderstanding or are the two of you looking...
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  • justbroke I appreciate your response. Unfortunately I am talking about a real life possibility. In short someone may possibly claim (maybe 50/50) a tort an against me if the statute of limitations changes retroactively (likely in the next few years or worst months). In the particular question above...
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  • Thanks justbroke. Let me simplify and clarify the best I can. Suppose the potential place of wrong, place of assets, place of filing bankruptcy are all the same state where such potential claim is currently stale. However in the future after bankruptcy the procedural law may change. Please consider...
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  • Potential tort currently stale and 'forever exempt' concept

    Suppose potential tort which is currently stale (beyond the statute of limitations probably everywhere that matters) is listed as a chapter 7 unsecured claim. In a way it looks like if the entity that has the claim does not come forward and both attempt to prove their claim and dispute its discharge...
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