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  • The warranty was on the finance also. I haven’t heard anything about the claims. The two expensive items got lost/stolen, so they wouldn’t have access to them anyhow. This ring I have left is 600$. The attorney said not to worry about it, or even talk to them if they try and call me. But I was just...
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  • Jared jeweler question about a warranty on a ring.

    Ok, so we are about to go through chapter 7. We had three high dollar items on our Jared card. We lost two, but the third is my ring. I have a warranty on it. After chapter 7 if I try and take the ring in for service, will they take it from me? Even after my discharge? My attorney doesn’t seem...
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  • Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I feel a lot of my debt I can attribute to her always asking and wanting. Myself not strong enough to say no. I’m sorry you had a bad situation yourself also. We never filed an official police report because we were not 100% sure that was exactly when they vanished....
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  • Well we were fighting some already, but I hoped we could get passed it. After her “dream” ring was lost she kept calling me irresponsible and started blaming everything that ever came up on me. It was not like the next day, but we lost the items begging of the month, and she was gone before New...
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  • DragonSyth
    started a topic Live in Texas questions about my situation

    Live in Texas questions about my situation


    Ok everything was going well, then now it’s crashed. I have ALOT of debt, and not a lot of income. When I took it on I was fine. My girlfriend was living with me for years helping me pay the bills. We were even going to get married. Well, a series of incidents how ruined everything....
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