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  • Thank you for your responses. I really think if I didn’t have Lending Club I would be very good on paying the rest of the CC’s off. However I do have that hefty loan payment. I know you said just get it over with, but isn’t worth a try to see if they can settle? I just hate giving up. I have...
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  • I was thinking of saving up to give them a lump sum, while I pay minimum payments on the CC's. I won't be able to pay off all of the debt when the interest kicks in...

    Anyone settled with Lending Club? I talked with BK lawyer and he mentioned you can try doing the lump sum, if it doesn't...
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  • File for bankruptcy or settle with an installment loan?

    I am single with a child (50/50 custody) and I have over 40k in credit card bills + 30k with lending club.

    The lending club payment is around $800 and about 4 years left. Most credit cards are 0% interest, but will expire next year. What happens to my other credit cards if I stop paying...
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