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  • alo
    started a topic High Income Ch 7 or Ch13 - Advice?

    High Income Ch 7 or Ch13 - Advice?

    I am looking for advice. I recently took a 20% pay cut. I still make just over 100K but using the Ch 13 means test (and based on the allowable expenses) I have about $100 left monthly as disposable income. I believe I qualify for Ch 7.

    We have no real assets. We have over 95K in cc debt...
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  • kphipps34
    started a topic Higher Income Bankruptcy

    Higher Income Bankruptcy

    My husband and I make approximately 111,000/year. I have over 50,000 dollars in credit card debt, 24000 in repo cars left over, and a 43000 garnishment for a Heloc on a foreclosed home. I also have 50,000 in student loan debt. We moved to Georgia 4 years ago and got into a mess with a mortgage company...
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  • Chapter 7 caused by business debt - high non business disposable income

    My business has been badly hit by the recession leaving me with unsecured business related debt of $550,000. As this debt was backed by a personal guaranty, my attorney has advised that I file for a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. My personal debts are house and car totaling $315,000. My non business...
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  • NoTomatoCan
    started a topic Expenses - seem high, but legit. Thoughts?

    Expenses - seem high, but legit. Thoughts?

    Ok, so I have 2nd meeting with attorney this week. After interviewing several, the one we went with seems the most likely give personal attention and has good level of experience. We passed on a more experienced attorney simply because of the feeling that we would get pawned off on associates or paralegal....
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