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  • Colorfulstom
    started a topic How did you plan for emergencies?

    How did you plan for emergencies?

    I just found out that my brother has a fatal illness. He lives 1000 miles from me. The nature of his disease is that it could go quickly or he could linger for 1-2 years depending on progression. I will more than likely be in my chapter 13 plan by the time he goes to hospice or passes away. Are...
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  • Something just doesn’t seem right. I took my last two paychecks, added them together to get my average monthly take home pay, subtracted my rent payment and the 1400 that they want for Bk payment. It left me with 672 to pay fixed expenses for electricity, phone, cable, car insurance as well as groceries,...
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  • Colorfulstom
    started a topic Confusion on estimated Chapter 13 payment

    Confusion on estimated Chapter 13 payment

    i just received an estimate from my attorney office for my Chapter 13 payment. My disposable income is 899.14. I have to repay my car in full. They are estimating my payment to be around $1400. When explaining this to me, they said that the extra money includes trustee fees, attorney fees and my...
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