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  • AvisNovak
    started a topic When to start rebuilding

    When to start rebuilding

    I filed pro se chapter 7 on 12/22 and my 341 meeting is scheduled for 1/28. When would be the best time to start rebuilding my credit? After the discharge or after my 341 meeting or an entirely different timeframe?
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  • Yes, I don't think they understand that they essentially have to pay taxes on that income they have had written off. Literally like 30 people said they were going to get checks written to all their collection and past-due accounts and send a check for $1. This is a disservice of this Facebook page...
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  • So does doing that reset the statute of limitations? This person had six months to go until the 7 year SOL was up and then went a wrote a check for $2 *no clue why she picked two*. She actually didn't even write the check correctly. she put $2.00 and on the written part put "two----------------------"...
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  • AvisNovak
    started a topic Question about settling an old debt

    Question about settling an old debt

    Ok, so I'm on this rebuilding credit Facebook page and someone posts that they heard that if you write a check for $1 and write on the memo line "Negotiation of tender settles debt" and if they cash it they have accepted that your account is now paid in full. I have never heard of this and...
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