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  • rjroyse
    started a topic 341 Today - potential problems?

    341 Today - potential problems?

    It is today and I am a nervous wreck. We know it is going to be an asset case. I had a mutual fund that failed to get discussed wiht anyone, even though we asked, so we now know that will be taken. I also will be telling them that we will need to ammend our schedules. We did mark that we had transfered...
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  • Question about buying back assets, where does money come from???

    Filed CH 7 2/15/11, 341 meeting 4/7/11, discharge scheduled for 6/6/11

    My husband is self employed in construction and because his equipment and tools aren't titled in the company our trustee wants us to buy back these assets from the bk estate.

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  • billycool
    started a topic asset case timing question

    asset case timing question

    Hi all....been a while since I checked in....

    My Ch. 7 was discharged in July , but the trustee converted it into an asset case. The trustee had in his possession, in the bankruptcy estate, $5400 of my garnished wages, and I've been waiting to see if he was going to come after the...
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  • Question: Regarding No Asset or is it Asset when Trustee wants your 2010 Taxes?

    So, we received a letter directly from the Panel Trustee on Tuesday stating that he intended to distribute our Tax Refund, when received and to not delay the filing of the return.

    Our 341 was on Oct 5, our last day of the 60 day wait is Dec. 6.
    Pacer shows MeansNo and nothing has...
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  • Question regarding what happens between discharge and closed

    As a last resort (from losing my job in Feb 2009), I filed chapter 7 in May 2010 and received my discharge from the court in August 2010 - I have the paper in my hand. Now (in Nov 2010) the trustee is asking questions/wanting information regarding some of my creditors and specifically wanting to know...
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  • keepsmiling
    started a topic Asset Question about Savings Bonds

    Asset Question about Savings Bonds

    I am preparing to file and still trying to get my head around what all this means for us. This forum is amazing-- thanks to all of you for your combined wisdom and comfort. I spend a LOT of time here nowadays, reading reading reading... but I haven't seen this question addressed yet.

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  • 4Abetterlife
    started a topic What's happened so far... advice needed?

    What's happened so far... advice needed?

    -8/03/10 Filed Chapter 7 w State exemption with homestead protection (home equity ~150K) may have to consider selling due to finances. Perhaps TT is hoping for that?
    -8/30 341 mtg. held
    -9/30 Trustee (TT) filed motion for ext. time to file objection to discharge. 10/19 Motion granted....
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  • Fallonedward
    started a topic Question --- Post Petition Receipt of Wages?

    Question --- Post Petition Receipt of Wages?

    We are filing on Nov. 4th. Will the trustee be entitled to 25% of my wages from Nov.1st thru Nov. 4th or would it be 25% till the 341 hearing?

    Hubby gets UI, I am hoping the trustee does not get 25% of that
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  • telco95
    started a topic Pre discharge/ post discharge?

    Pre discharge/ post discharge?

    I just received my login information for pacer, I need to figure out how to look up my case. My question is, while in bk, what can you do and not due pre and post discharge? I have been getting credit card offers in the mail and would like to start establishing credit again.
    Also, can I sell...
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  • brokejoker
    started a topic 30 days to object to discharge?

    30 days to object to discharge?

    The 60 days from our 341 was up on 10/01. I've been checking to see DISCHARGED but instead I see a letter that was entered by the judge. It says we are eligible for discharge but that our creditors now have 30 days to object to our discharge. WHAT?

    I guess we just wait another 30...
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  • stressedinmn
    started a topic Sallie Mae on Pacer

    Sallie Mae on Pacer

    If student loans are not dischargeable does anyone know why my Sallie Mae loan is showing up as a claim on Pacer?
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  • 05mag
    started a topic Asset case, want to move after discharge.

    Asset case, want to move after discharge.

    We filed a no assect case and trustee turned it into an assect case, but just for our personal property. House and cars were not included. Trustee is sending an appraiser this week to look at personal property. We plan on selling the house after discharge and move to another state. I'm wondering if...
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  • keptdigging
    started a topic Perils of being an asset case?

    Perils of being an asset case?

    I'm gettiing sued and (subject to attorney advice) starting to believe that my best course is probably to just go ahead and file rather than worry about delaying the suits.

    This would mean that I won't have spent my assets down to below what I can exempt and I'll likely be an asset case....
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