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  • How likely to qualify for Capital 1 car loan after I burned them?

    I saw a lot of threads stating that many people get qualified for Capital One pre-approved auto loan for $40K after discharge. I'll have my last appointment with my attorney to sign the documents before they begin to file later this week. So I'm looking to attend a 341 meeting about a month from now...
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  • Thoughts on assuming a lease after chapter 7

    After a Chapter 7 discharge I know that its harder to get a car lease than to get a loan for the purchase price of the car. But what about assuming a lease from someone who is looking to get out of one. Ive heard that the credit requirements for assuming someone else's lease are less stringent than...
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  • Best Auto Loan Rates After Chapter 7?


    I had zero late payments in my credit history prior to having to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2013. Unfortunately, I was forced to close a business due to the down economy, and the remaining debt was astronomical. I was discharged in July of 2013. I reaffirmed my vehicles during...
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  • Deon213
    started a topic Chapter 13 auto loan

    Chapter 13 auto loan

    I am in a chapter 13 and have one car in the plan and another car paid for. we really need a new car. We are only one year into the plan.
    - we went to a shop to see if they would approve us and we got approval but didnt move forward because unsure if we have to tell the trustee. Do we have...
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  • Listing the car as mine, when my husband has the loan? (And a few other questions)

    I was talking to my attorney's paralegal today, and she said that she is listing one of our vehicles as mine on the petition, even though the loan, etc is and always has been in my husband's name. I told her that (and said so at the get-go as well) but she says it is mine since I drive it. I said we...
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  • Should I apply for Auto loan or CC first?

    We are needing to gat a 2nd vehicle soon, I just got my free credit report from Equifax and paid the 7.95 for the score. I am at 699 less than a year after discharge. Should I get the vehicle loan before or after I apply for an unsecured CC?
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  • Discharged today, awaiting closing, what can we do now? Cars, etc...

    Per pacer our joint case was Discharged today, and says awaiting closing. Asset:No

    What can we do now? The lawyer said we shouldn't buy a car until the case is done. Is that now? If we get a loan for a car does that effect anything now?
    (We let both our cars go in BK, wasn't wise...
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  • anyone have any luck post bk with honda financial?

    i am really badly wanting a accord sedan 2008-2010 model
    and i researched it looks like honda has "tiers" i joined the credit union at my job, we have our own credit union for anthem/wellpoint associates so i am hoping to be able to finance thru them, but i was just wondering about...
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  • Car loan-722? Any input on 722 redemption?

    I was answering a post in the repossession section about an auto loan ( and this 722 redemption talk came up. I had recently also received a flyer in the mail about this 722 redemption thing, where...
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  • dspii
    started a topic Capital One Auto

    Capital One Auto

    After reading some BK Forum reviews regarding Capital One Auto and the extreme interest rates, I figured I would apply to replace my old, well used, beat up, wrecked and forever our eternal family friend..."The Caravan". My goal was to keep my payments at $250 a month or less, because I hate...
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  • MakeItThru
    started a topic Experience with Roadloans - Very Good

    Experience with Roadloans - Very Good

    I recently purchased a car to replace a lease ending, while in Chapter 13. I ended up using Roadloans. The whole process of getting the authorization to incur debt, loan approval, and working with dealers very stressful. I wanted to share my experience to help reduce stress for others.

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  • MakeItThru
    started a topic Auto Loan Rate Shopping Impact on Credit Score

    Auto Loan Rate Shopping Impact on Credit Score

    I have been approved to incur debt for a car. I would like to apply to a few lenders to compare rates. I have read that when applying for auto loans, there is no significant impact to credit score because there is expectation that people will shop rates. Is this true?

    I would not want...
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  • Who were approved through post BK and some details...

    Starting a new thread so that we all can start a 'database" of sorts for us BK'ers to review and go to when we are looking for the next vehicle.

    Please post the following info:

    Date Discharged:
    Date Applied For:
    Approval Amount:
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