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  • Budgeting Changes that have helped me

    I thought I would post a couple things that have really helped with my budgeting during this process, so that it doesn't occur again. Feel free to use them.

    1. Realize weaknesses: I Threw away all offers of credit the minute they came in the mail, and I will continue to do so. Some people...
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  • 30 Things Broke People Say (That Keep Them Broke)

    January 11, 2011

    1. If I earn interest, I have to pay more taxes.
    2. There’s no shame in being poor, just in dressing poorly.
    3. At my age, it’s too late anyway.
    4. Why save money? You can’t take it with you when you die!
    5. We’re only young once!
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  • NowImDownInIt
    started a topic Best gift you've ever recieved..

    Best gift you've ever recieved..

    And I mean the most meaningful, useful, etc. Not the most extravagant.

    I need help picking out gifts for my in-laws and of course DH is of no help. I am particularly interested in what you would get for your in-laws, or what you have received and loved from your children (by marriage or...
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  • Middle Class Slams Brakes on Spending

    October 6, 2010

    Middle-class Americans made their deepest spending cuts in more than two decades, slashing spending on such discretionary items as restaurant meals and alcohol during the recession.

    Households in the middle fifth of the population sliced their average annual...
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  • zenbit
    started a topic Guidelines for allowable expenses w/budget?

    Guidelines for allowable expenses w/budget?

    I have been looking through the forum without much luck to find some pointer to guidelines for what is acceptable on a Chapter 13 budget.

    I am guessing it likely varies to some degree depending on the trustees... but are there any general guidelines?

    For example - I am...
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  • Tight budget and High mileage vehicle in chapter 13...

    Filed 13 in northern district of Illinois last week. I'm married, but filed singly. Both myself and my spouse own our vehicles outright. Spouces vehicle is over 6 years old and has over 75,000 miles.

    Means test shows negative, but the budget comes out to a payment of about 800 dollars...
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