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  • Advice for Small Business purchasing property from someone Filing Bankruptcy

    Hello forum members, we are new to the site and came here for advice regarding a possible transaction involving bankruptcy.

    The details: private seller who has a large diecast airplane collection worth approximately 25k-50k. Private seller about to file for bankruptcy (chapter 13) in...
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  • 341 this morning. Attorney suggested not to see trustee last minute!

    (San Diego) So 15 minutes before I go to see the trustee, my lawyer looks over my bank statements and with a confused look on his face pulls me into the hallway.

    He says he's concerned about the expenses not being enough to offset my income (I'm self-employed) and suggests that I don't...
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  • Potencia
    started a topic Did I discharge too many debts?

    Did I discharge too many debts?

    Filed pro-se August 7th, individual CH7, most of my debts are from my business so I discharged my libility on them. Among several active accounts, most of the accounts included on the matrix dont show up on my credit report and in fact, many of them are 10 yrs old or more and out of the statute of limitations,...
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  • Question about Unemployment benefits

    I just filed for unemployment in Illinois where I have lived and worked my whole life. I am moving to Florida next month, do I still get the benefits until I start working again? I have my own business, that I will start up again once I am there, but may not see any income for a bit. Most of what I...
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  • Vermeer
    started a topic Planning On Chapter 7 Filing, Unknown Waters

    Planning On Chapter 7 Filing, Unknown Waters

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been reading a learning on this forum as we find ourselves in this position. My hubby was laid off 2+ years ago, has been able to get a part time job, not even an interview for a full time job, earns approx 250.00 per week. Unemployment has run out, his earning...
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  • Business Valuation Certified?

    Quick question, Do we need to have a 'Certified' Business Appraiser give us the liquidation value of our business or will a Business Broker be sufficient?

    We are filing personal Chapter 7, unless valuation comes back with positive interest in the company then we have to convert to a 13....
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  • Personal Ch7 with LLC, need help

    My wife and I are preparing to file personal Ch.7. The attorney has all of the paper work and expects to file in the next 3 weeks. My income comes from an in home services business with no employees (other than me) that is an LLC. The income can come in large amounts but is very irregular, and I have...
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  • Form B7 for individuals who were in business

    On the statement of financial affairs, I have been a partner in a business within the past six years, though I haven't been lately. So I get to fill in questions 19-25.

    Except, the questions are written as if the debtor were the business itself. "accounts and records of the debtor",...
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  • Help needed - 2004 Examination and Adversary Proceeding

    I am an unsecured creditor in a C7 bankruptcy. Sold my housecleaning business to debtor on a promissory note repayable over 5 years, debtor stopped payments after 6 months and file bankruptcy. Debtor has lied under oath in two 341 hearings that business is no longer operating. I have affidavits from...
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