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  • HRoark0717
    started a topic Two Schedule C Questions

    Two Schedule C Questions

    This question refers to the California System 2 exemption chart: As an individual, if you are renting an apartment, does the asset, "Homestead" apply to renters?

    If the "Homestead" asset amount does apply to renters, then I have another question.
    In the exemption...
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  • bts
    started a topic California- ch 7 pro se - schedule C

    California- ch 7 pro se - schedule C

    I've been filling out the ch 7 forms and have ran into some questions.....

    I don't own much of value aside from a car worth ~$2k and a 3yr old computer which probably I couldnt sell for even ~$100. I don't own property.

    California has 2 systems of claiming exemptions on...
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  • California-System_2 -- definition of personal property?

    What is the scope of definition for personal property and household goods? Example is sports, hobby equipment and modern toys. Are these household goods? Can these items be exempted under 703.140(b)(3) or would they need to be exempted under 703.140(b)(5)? I am attempting to maximize the (b)(5) wildcard...
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