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  • max2k10
    started a topic Urgent car purchase help active chap 13

    Urgent car purchase help active chap 13

    I'm in desperate need of help in finding finding financing to replace my wife's lease which will end in 2 months. Long story short, I have been at this since March. In July I received pre approval letter from Capital One for a dealer in JC NJ. I took this letter and dealer called cap 1. Said I was approved...
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  • Simplynohope
    started a topic Obtaining a reliable car prior to Ch 13?

    Obtaining a reliable car prior to Ch 13?

    My attorney advised me to obtain a reliable car that would last me 5 years while under Ch 13. My credit score is 535 and I was declined a loan for a new car with warranty (moderately priced). My question is, can my Dad finance the car and and insure it, and will the trustee allow me to just pay him...
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  • laurannm
    started a topic Approved!


    Just wanted to share our car buying experience . The lease on our Chrysler Town N Country (we assumed the lease through our Ch7 2 years ago) is up next month, so we went to our local Chrysler dealer to see what options we had. We were approved for a 2010 Town N Country for either another 3 year...
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  • Pre-discharge car financing with same BK creditors?

    I filed BK chap 7 on Sept 10', 341 meeting was on Oct 10'. I'm currently waiting for discharge and I am assuming it will happen in late Dec 10' (keeping fingers crossed).

    I currently have a lease with Acura financials which I reaffirmed. The lease is set to expire on 12/4/10. I am...
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  • doomed
    started a topic Another car buying thread :-)

    Another car buying thread :-)

    Hi everyone!

    Our 60 days are up at the end of this month. We gave up my car in the bankruptcy (We're about 5k upside down on it and the payment is $505/month). I'm assuming the bank isn't going to let me drive it for free forever (I haven't paid the note in 3 months) so I'm trying to...
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  • Ok... Having some trouble... need some opinions

    we were going to reaffirm our Ford Escape.. someone ran a redlight and totaled it..
    the insurance is paying exactly what we owe to Chase financial
    cptr 7 BK discharged 1wk ago

    We NEED another car...
    According to Creditkarma
    my score: 608...
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