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  • Pre-discharge car financing with same BK creditors?

    I filed BK chap 7 on Sept 10', 341 meeting was on Oct 10'. I'm currently waiting for discharge and I am assuming it will happen in late Dec 10' (keeping fingers crossed).

    I currently have a lease with Acura financials which I reaffirmed. The lease is set to expire on 12/4/10. I am...
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  • MakeItThru
    started a topic Experience with Roadloans - Very Good

    Experience with Roadloans - Very Good

    I recently purchased a car to replace a lease ending, while in Chapter 13. I ended up using Roadloans. The whole process of getting the authorization to incur debt, loan approval, and working with dealers very stressful. I wanted to share my experience to help reduce stress for others.

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  • Approved to Incur Debt for Auto - Terms Modifiable?

    I have received approval from the judge to incur debt for a vehicle. It includes the amount to be financed, the interest rate, the term, and the interest rate.

    Is it acceptable to get a better interest rate and finance a larger amount? My success with my plan is primarily determined by...
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  • Buzzbolt
    started a topic 401k Loan Repayment + Contributions

    401k Loan Repayment + Contributions

    $7600 gross per month
    $1232.13 per month in mortgage PITI + HOAs
    $1315 Alimony (expires in June '10)
    $528 Child support
    Approximately $1200 per month on minimum (2%) CC payments (5% beginning Aug. 1)
    Unknown utilities, closed at the beginning of...
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  • GA2ndChance
    started a topic To reaffirm the Sequoia or not?

    To reaffirm the Sequoia or not?

    Hi, I am currently in a Ch7 BK. Been through the 341 on May 18 and need to make a decision on a vehicle. I have '03 Sequoia thats worth about 11k and I owe 15k. My first thought is to let it go but I am not sure about getting an auto loan while in BK. I expect discharge in late July/early Aug. I like...
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  • After 341, Before Discharge: Can I trade in my car and get a new loan?


    I have had my 341. I have about 60 days to wait until I get my discharge. I want to trade my [12 miles per gallon] truck in on a [32 miles per gallon] car.

    I will also be taking some cash out of the equity that I have in the truck to pay for a septic system repair...
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