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  • pacific22
    started a topic Beginner's questions

    Beginner's questions

    I may very well be starting the Ch. 7 process in the next few months. I'm meeting with some attorneys soon.

    I have some questions that I really want answered and feel like there is enough experience in this group to get them resolved... Prove me right

    1) If I choose...
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  • HRoark0717
    started a topic Schedule G question

    Schedule G question

    If I am current with my car payments and want to continue paying on time, which form would I provide the lease info, Schedule D or Schedule G ??

    Thanks in advance for any help
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  • xraya
    started a topic question re: schedule J and car payment

    question re: schedule J and car payment

    Hey guys, I have a quick question. I haven't met with my attorney yet, just sent in the prelim paperwork yesterday. I have been doing a lot of research and I printed out some blank copies on bk paperwork to try and crunch some numbers myself. So here's my question.

    My current income...
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  • alltappedout
    started a topic Can CU refuse car payments?

    Can CU refuse car payments?

    Just read where a bank refused to take car payments from someone in bk. Can they do that? I'm current with the car (load renegotiated in May -- only $1900 balance, value of $6-$8,000) but have stopped paying a cc held by the credit union who financed the car.

    Thanks for...
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