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  • $22,000 Gift From In Laws - What to do?

    My wife and I filed on 9/27 and our 341 hearing was 10/27. If all goes well we will be discharged by the end of the year. I have read and read on here about monetary gifts but I am getting conflicting information from my lawyer so I wanted to throw the question out to this forum. I feel like my lawyer...
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  • Cash is King for More Consumers This Holiday Season

    December 9, 2010

    Christmas will no longer be on credit for many shoppers, despite tempting offers from retailers and credit card companies trying to coax the plastic out of consumers’ wallets.

    The lowest percentage of shoppers in the 27-year-history of a national survey...
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  • keepinitreal
    started a topic Why Cash Is the New Plastic

    Why Cash Is the New Plastic

    November 9, 2010

    Consumers are spending again, but gone are the days of swiping and signing for everything from lattes to lawn furniture. Shoppers are reaching for paper money, and as they do, stores and even credit card issuers are increasingly ready to reward them – with more cash....
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  • get cash out of bank w/out raising eyebrows?

    My stupid lawyer told me, one week prior to filing, that I would have to "get rid of" the cash in my bank account. I deposited $6000 into my IRA account, and can pre-pay rent on my new place. That will still leave about $2500 in my account, that I would like to "protect".
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  • cwilliams
    started a topic Paypal / bank statements - considered the same?

    Paypal / bank statements - considered the same?

    With PayPal being used now by many people, that is the primary way clients pay me in my business. I also pay a couple things from that account using the PayPal debit card. I know we have to turn in bank statements, but has anyone specifically been told to turn in statements from PayPal as well if they...
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  • kathy4530050
    started a topic another question about money in the bank

    another question about money in the bank

    I've been real unhappy with my bank and so last week opened up both business and personal accounts with a new bank. I deposited some money in the new bank accounts and am waiting now for some checks to clear the old accounts before I close them.

    Here's my question: I was looking to...
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  • ajm
    started a topic Question about Cash

    Question about Cash

    Not sure what to do...we don't want to commit fraud. Here is the situation.

    Husband will be filing chapter 7 with 50K in cc debt. I'm not filing. My income is down about $60K over last year (realtor). I have one commission check for $20K.

    We've already refinanced...
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