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  • Cram Down Rental Property- Is there anyone doing this?

    Can anyone discuss their experiences wtih a cram down on a rental property. We will be filing BK, and am looking at doing a Ch 13. I know a Ch. 11 is a possibilty if we wanted to spread the payments out longer than 5 years. (and be in in longer!) Ch. 11 may have other advantages, not sure if not having...
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  • "Cash Out Refi" $ from primary now rental used to buy new primary & BK restitution??


    Does anyone have info about how this would play into a BK and if there would be any restitution needed to be paid from us on the cash out recvd? I'm still researching, but maybe a ch. 11 (even though not mentioned too much here) or a Ch. 13.

    We had a primary townhome...
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  • Anyone with Chapter 11 knowlege or experience?

    I'm still undecided, and have started getting calls from collection agencies.

    recap of my situation:
    #1. more than 100k cc debt
    #2. exceeds state's limitation of secured/unsecured debt for ch 13. So can't do ch 13.
    #3. have 2 home, one letting go, other planning...
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