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  • Family member business loan - - non-consumer CH 7 discharge - - tax write-off option?

    My wife and I filed a non-consumer CH 7 bankruptcy in early 2011. Thankfully, everything went smoothly with the entire procedure and the discharge came a year ago in May. My brother had made a series of clearly noted small business 'loans' to us over a four year period from 2006 - 2009. At the time...
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  • Argghhhh! Little bit frustrated here and it all could have been avoided!

    I posted a while back that a kind fellow at PNC bank told me that we could sell the home that we left in June in a "pain free short sale". We decided to put it up for sale against the advice given on this board. Bad call. We have an offer, and it's more than what the guy from PNC originally...
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  • 10 days after 341 - Insufficient Information Necessary to Make Presumption of Abuse

    Here is my pacer schedule after my 341 meeting

    Filed: 06/06/2011
    Entered: 06/13/2011
    Docket Text Meeting of Creditors Held and Concluded
    Filed & Entered: 06/08/2011
    Docket Text Order on Motion to Avoid Lien
    Filed: 06/10/2011...
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  • kmiller
    started a topic Should I convert 7 to 13

    Should I convert 7 to 13

    I just finished my second 341 meeting with Trustee for Ch 7 in California. Most debt is business related. Everything seems okay except one thing. I own 33% of a home with my two brothers. The house was left to us when our parents passed. The house is worth $162,000, so my interest is $53,000. I can...
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  • Considering BK due to business loss...I'm scared & questions

    We had a business failure and have a SBA loan of $120,000 and business credit cards of about $40,000. The SBA loan has a lien on our home and we've already settled some of our business credit cards

    I always kept business and personal separate and are current on our mortgage, personal...
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  • Egrain
    started a topic 1 year after Ch.7 BK

    1 year after Ch.7 BK

    Just for your info..
    Our court date was Jan 7th of 2010. We were discharged 62 days later.
    Everything went off with out a hitch. We were even complimented by the judge (and our lawyer) for the thoroughness and detail of the paperwork we submitted.
    Of corse our credit scores...
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  • Egrain
    started a topic Curious about Mortgage

    Curious about Mortgage

    We filed a Ch. 7 BK and last Jan (2010) and was discharged in March with no hitches. We made full mortgage payments all through the proceedings and have continued to make our normal monthly payment. We plan on continuing to do this. However we did not reaffirm with the mortgage Co and they are not reporting...
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  • Peeps
    started a topic Confused about Means and DMI on J

    Confused about Means and DMI on J

    I seem to be getting myself more and more confused about the means test and DMI on Schedule J.

    I'm trying to understand if a Ch. 7 is right for me. I fall WAY (really, really, embarassingly WAY) below the median income for the means test. If I put my numbers into Schedule J, I have...
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  • purplehrj
    started a topic Considering BK Ch.7 Need help!

    Considering BK Ch.7 Need help!

    first off. I live in AZ
    My husband got a summon paper from a collection agency and he filed an answer couple weeks ago.
    We worry that all of the other banks and collector might start to chase after him, so we are considering a bk, well he is, not me.
    I dont have any financial...
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  • bts
    started a topic California- ch 7 pro se - schedule C

    California- ch 7 pro se - schedule C

    I've been filling out the ch 7 forms and have ran into some questions.....

    I don't own much of value aside from a car worth ~$2k and a 3yr old computer which probably I couldnt sell for even ~$100. I don't own property.

    California has 2 systems of claiming exemptions on...
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  • Just filed Ch 7 and car lease ending next!

    I live in California and just filed Ch 7 yesterday. I am currently leasing a BMW that is about to end next week. I am current on all payments, but do have excess miles(about 20,000!). What are my best options at this point? Can I extend the lease? Or just turn it back in? How can I go about...
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  • Filed Ch 13 Jointly, Can I Convert to Ch 7 Seperately?

    My husband and I filed ch 13 in April of 2009. We have since then separated, he got the truck and is paying me for it. What I want to know, is if I can convert to ch 7 without him. I don't have anything in the bankruptcy that I can lose, besides the truck, and my figuring is if he's paying me for it,...
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  • maclelland
    started a topic MN Redemption period and Fed Form B8

    MN Redemption period and Fed Form B8

    I am filing Ch 7 pro se in Minnesota and need some help with Form B8:
    First some basic information. My house is in forclosure. Minnesota has a six month redemption period (provided the house has not been abandoned) after the Sheriff's sale...
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  • NewHamp1
    started a topic Disaster strikes shortly after 341

    Disaster strikes shortly after 341

    Hi! My husband and I filed for Ch7 11/7/09. We had our 341 on Dec. 14 (originally scheduled 12/7 snowstorm hit). We filed because medical bills from my adventure with breast cancer wiped us out. On Jan. 12, 2010 my husband was diagnosed with cancer, on Jan. 20th we learned it is pancreatic cancer. On...
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  • calgirl67
    started a topic Half my neighborhood is filing Ch 7

    Half my neighborhood is filing Ch 7

    OMG I am not alone it seems. The more I talk to people the more I hear the same thing - house to be foreclosed on and people having to file BK to protect themselves against future deficiency judgements. Just about everyone in this area took Home Eq loans as these houses were new and most people need...
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