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  • leichenb
    started a topic HELP!! Post Petition Equity in Assets

    HELP!! Post Petition Equity in Assets

    Help... I'm against the fence in a filing DUE end of day today!! (much litigation by ex-wife in my bankruptcy) and seeking any case history or relevant case law supporting the below position.

    Debtor filed Ch. 7 (no reaffirmation on home). Funds from post-petition income provided (per...
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  • Sometimes I feel it's unfair . . . BK 13 Vs BK 7

    Ok . . first let me say that I mean no offense to anyone at all. If ever it comes out that way, please forgive me. It is not intended.

    Since I filed my Chap 13 BK in 2006, I have felt let down. I know of several other people that were able to file Chap 7, instead of 13. I have noticed...
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  • Deed in my name, mortgage Co. lost paper work to file foreclosure

    Here's a challenge. After filing Chapter 7 in Nov. 07 & being dissolved of our mortgage, we've been curious why the "Bank" hasn't moved forward with claiming the deed (still in our names) & starting foreclosure proceedings. (lot's of paper received, nothings happened, requests for...
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  • KP1980
    started a topic Sell vehicle to pay off secured loan?

    Sell vehicle to pay off secured loan?

    I have been trying to sell my car all year to pay off the secured loan. I just filed chap 7 and finally got a buyer.

    Can I make this transaction prior to my discharge, even prior to my 341 meeting?

    I did plan to reaffirm unless it sold. I am joint on the account. I filed...
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