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  • Grod
    started a topic Chapter 7 Automatic Discharge Question

    Chapter 7 Automatic Discharge Question

    Good Morning!!! I’m a newbie to the forum and let me start by saying this forum rocks! I found more information here than what I could get from my lawyer whom is making money!!! The million dollar question is, if my case is already on “automatic discharged” status does it mean that I should go...
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  • Right to Cure (Furniture) following Ch. 7 discharge

    This isn't an entirely new topic, but I haven't been able to find a solid answer to some specific questions. I have about $4,000 in miscellaneous purchases from Nebraska Furniture Mart -- a notoriously nasty collector. Most furniture companies use this period following discharge to fish for money --...
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  • HELP: Homestead exemption - Assest Protection - Advice (Florida)

    Ive had consulted with different attorneys but have not gotten a direct answer.

    My current situation is the following:


    - I am unemployed and looking for work.

    - I have the second mortgage (wells fargo) from...
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  • Does my bankruptcy attorney know how to properly discharge my personal income taxes?

    Hi there,

    I have so many questions about my bankruptcy but one that is really pressing is the fact that I chose the least patient attorney because he originally told me at our first meeting that he knew how to discharge taxes in bankruptcy even though I needed to tell him what all of...
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  • Single Member LLC After Personal Bankruptcy (Ch7)

    Do I need to establish a new LLC after I file personal bankruptcy (Ch7)?

    I established a Single-Member LLC (in MN) in 2009 for a specific business purpose (retail sales). As circumstances kept me from pursuing the business, the LLC never developed beyond establishing the entity and...
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  • 3 yrs. later, Wells Fargo bank persueing additional fees on discharged home loan ?

    Here's some info for all my fellow Florida neighbors (Sarasota County -Tampa Middle District). After filing for Ch. 7 in 2007 includinging our home & being discharged in 1/2008 my home still sits vacant. The bank filed a Lis Pend in 6/12/2009, it went up for tax sale by county last July where Wachovia/Wells...
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  • utahguy
    started a topic Short Sale after Ch 7

    Short Sale after Ch 7

    Here is my situation. I filed a Ch7 (discharged in October 2009). I have two homes, which I did NOT reaffirm. Both have had loan modifications on the first mortgages since the BK. Both have second mortgages which I have not paid on for years, but the values are so upside down they are not looking...
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  • Charis
    started a topic Discharge Was A Clerical Error?

    Discharge Was A Clerical Error?

    I filed Chapter 7 last September. My Attorney and the Trustee have gone back and forth on a couple of issues regarding money in my Son's Savings Account. We provided all necessary documents and that issue was settled. I then receive a copy of my Discharge Order dated January 19th. The Order says...
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  • Will BAC Report Payments on CH 7 Discharged/ Non-Reaffirmed Mortgage?

    Hello everyone - This is my first post - I'm looking for information and personal experience regarding Credit Reporting for CH 7 Discharged/Non-ReAffirmed Mortgages with BAC.

    My info:
    CH 7 FILED: 9/30/2010
    341 DATE: 11/1/2010
    Deadline: 12/31/2010...
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  • AFISurfer
    started a topic I have a unique situation and need help!!!

    I have a unique situation and need help!!!

    I am almost 24 years old and have almost $45,000 in unsecured cc debt including a $10,500 Car Loan(it was repo'd). I haven't paid on any of these in over 3 years. Last year I was hired as an independent contractor and I worked off and on making $22,000. The year before I only made about $10,000. This...
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  • In foreclosure can they garnish wages after Ch7 discharge?

    Our place is up for short sale and we just received an offer today…YAY!!! When I got home yesterday Citi Home Equity sent us a letter that was labeled “WIRE ALERT.” It was in a solid yellow envelope and also written on yellow paper (I guess to grab our attention).

    The letter...
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  • golfguy65
    started a topic Heloc


    My wife and I have decided we have no choice but to give up our home. It is currently underwater by $500K +. There are $1.5 million in loans and market value has decreased to less than $1M. There is a HELOC outstanding for $150K. We would like to avoid BK but I am confused about what would happen...
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  • Pre-October 2005 Bankruptcy and SLM Corp trying to collect on a private student loan.

    OK. My wife and I filed pro se in July of 2005. At that time, we included Sallie Mae in our bankruptcy. She has $5500 principle + 3000 interest in a SLM corp (subsidiary of Sallie Mae) Signature Student Loan, plus roughly $40,000 in undergrad stafford loans. We're totally aware that the $40k...
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  • Pasofino
    started a topic Borrowed money

    Borrowed money

    My now x lent me 200K in 2006. Do I list this in my debts?
    Filing Ch 7 .
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  • Georiga: Chp 7...Filed Pro Se, Will they keep my refund &.....

    Hello Everyone,

    We are a married couple who has filed BK/Chp 7. We just did the first step and filed down at the court house Monday 1/25 .

    We have filed Pro Se , We paid a paralegal to do the paperwork for us.

    I just wanted to know a few things..
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