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  • AP notice received today ... scared ... stressed ... long story thanks for helping

    Long story short (as short as I can make it)

    Preface (for back story):

    In August of 2011, we had some work done in our home. The insurance company paid us for the work. The work wasn't done correctly, and with the recommendation of our 3rd party adjuster, we paid a second...
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  • joejoebk
    started a topic Tax Attributes - Exempt Assets

    Tax Attributes - Exempt Assets

    After filing Chapter 7 in early 2011, I received a 1099-C from a creditor and was informed by the IRS that I would need to "reduce the tax attributes" of my property (as of 1/1/2012) by the amount of the discharged debt.

    - Personal Chapter 7 in MN (used...
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  • Should I move back in abandoned home after 3 yrs sitting Vacant-still not foreclosed

    Here's a crazy twist of fait. It's been nearly four years from my chapter 7 discharge. We surrendered our home & were discharge of the loan (originally World Saving-Wachovia-Wellsfargo) In fear of being evicted/foreclosed on & not being able to rent due to a bk on our credit we abandoned the...
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  • Does HELOC accrue interest after being discharge in Chapter 7?

    Trying to settle the lein left on my HELOC. The HELOC itself was discharged in chapter 7 but the lein remains.

    When i sent first settlement offer...they sent back a form saying no with a balance much higher than i expected.

    So like my title my HELOC still accuring...
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  • ketch22
    started a topic Attorney / Client Privilege

    Attorney / Client Privilege

    I live in Colorado. When I filed bankruptcy (341 was Dec. 18th, 2010) my attorney was aware that we had adopted a little girl. Never were we told about the adoption credit and that we should wait to file bankruptcy after received this large sum via tax refund. We had never heard of the tax refund but...
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  • btbeme
    started a topic What I have learned in filing BK, part 1

    What I have learned in filing BK, part 1

    - Get over it. If you are in the hole, or staring into the abyss, you will know it. Just get over it and go talk to some attorneys. The most desperate situation to be in is one where you have no control and no safety net. If you wait that long, it is unrealistic to expect any person or any process...
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  • bobertthecat
    started a topic Call from Pre-Litigation department

    Call from Pre-Litigation department

    I am new here. Heres a brief description of my situation: I know I will be filing Ch 7 in a few months. I have to wait until about Nov/Dec to qualify for Ch 7. (I had a second job but lost it to now my one full-time income will qualify me for Ch 7....I was also recently injured...
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  • Can I keep my business and still file chapter 7 ?

    I am filing chapter 7 and own 2 companies. Both companies are not currently running. However I am going to dissolve 1 of them ( it is an LLC )and start back with the other. My fear is this is going to mess up my personal Bk and that TT will make me close it down. The debt I have is some business but...
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