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  • $22,000 Gift From In Laws - What to do?

    My wife and I filed on 9/27 and our 341 hearing was 10/27. If all goes well we will be discharged by the end of the year. I have read and read on here about monetary gifts but I am getting conflicting information from my lawyer so I wanted to throw the question out to this forum. I feel like my lawyer...
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  • choirsilva
    started a topic Debtor Refund Check

    Debtor Refund Check

    13datacenter shows debtor refund check disbursed August 31st. How long should I expect it to take to arrive in the mail? Any it different depending on the trustee involved, I'm in Portland Oregon. It does feel good to be nearing completion, 39month 100% payback $1653 per month.
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  • Going to bounce a check before filing bk. Stop payment?

    I am going to be filing bk in a few months and have been meeting with an attorney.

    Attorney advised me to move out of my apartment into a cheaper place that I can afford on a cash budget, because I was spending 50% of my take home on rent. He told me we could include the lease buy-out...
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