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  • Micha
    started a topic Student Loan Co-Signer, who filed Chapter 13.

    Student Loan Co-Signer, who filed Chapter 13.

    I co-signed my daughter’s private student loans in 2003-06, and have paid on the loans since day 1. My daughter graduated in 2007, and has been paying the loans on-time ever since graduation. I lost my job in 2008, and filed Chapter 13 in April 2009.

    As of June 22nd, 2011, we just found...
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  • Sued by Citi bank will class action law suit Hoffman vs Citi Bank lawsuit help??

    I'm being sued by Citi Bank for credit card debt. Does anyone know if the class action Hoffman vs Citi Bank could effect someone being sued by them. The lawsuit is based on claims that city raised rates without notifying customers.

    Could this at least delay the credit card debt law suit?...
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  • mylumnad
    started a topic Settlement with Restrictive Endorsement??

    Settlement with Restrictive Endorsement??

    I hired a law firm in CA to perform debt settlement on some of my unsecured debt. (I had $26,000 balance on a Citibank card.) (Herbert Davis Law Offices). After securing a loan and making one full payment to the lawyer, I received a copy of the following settlement letter from Herbert Davis, addressed...
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  • gohornsgo
    started a topic Citicard post discharge - not on credit report

    Citicard post discharge - not on credit report

    Has this happened to you? Citicard was included in my chapter 7. Citicard was on all three of my credit bureaus before filing. My BK was discharged and closed a couple weeks ago. I just pulled all three of my bureaus and Citicard does not show on any of the reports.

    Should I call...
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