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  • chicomtn
    started a topic Credit report inaccuracy?

    Credit report inaccuracy?

    I was recently discharged (Aug 2010 CH7) since then I paid of my car and have a NON secured capital one card with a 500$ limit.

    On my reports it lists my car and verizon accounts as included in the bankruptycy. Although this information was included in my petition it was NOT discharged....
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  • Credit Report Not Matching Post Ch. 7 Discharge

    Hi all,

    So the good news is that my Ch.7 BK was discharged a few months ago. I waited a while after the discharge for the info to be reported correctly on my credit report. However, I noticed 2 things that did not match...should I be concerned and fix it?

    1) One of...
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  • tinroofrusted
    started a topic Cleaning Up Your Credit Report

    Cleaning Up Your Credit Report

    There have been so many questions about charge offs, etc, I just want to write a little bit.

    First of all, anything that is included in bankruptcy MUST say that on the credit report. NO MATTER WHAT.

    There should NEVER be a "charge off" or a balance showing....
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