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  • jesd00
    started a topic Credit score fluctuation...

    Credit score fluctuation...

    Hi All -

    I've been pulling my credit report monthly, keeping an eye on errors to make sure they're getting resolved.

    My credit score on 11/15/10 (Experian) was 636. My credit score has dropped to 603 as of today, 12/2/10.

    NOTHING has changed whatsoever...
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  • jb300
    started a topic Getting new insurance and credit scores

    Getting new insurance and credit scores

    Well here I am a year plus post BK. Being self employed to say this has been a struggle is an understatement. I have vowed to NOT get another CC until we are more on our feet again. That has sometimes meant that I am down to $10.00 in my pocket, period. I have never struggled so much in my life. I know...
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  • Blueboy
    started a topic Credit Score ?

    Credit Score ?

    Could someone tell me the reason for such a difference in the one score?

    TransUnion 664
    Experian 571
    Equafax 652

    I've looked at the reports and didn't see anything different on Experian. Do they each have completely different methods of computing...
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  • exhubsucks
    started a topic How can I be removed as a co-debtor

    How can I be removed as a co-debtor

    My Ex-Husband is filing for Chapter 7. I have a Property Settlement agreement from 5 years ago stating I would be indemnified from two of the debts that he is asking to be discharged.
    I went to the creditors meeting so that I could give the trustee a copy of the Property Settlement and a Copy...
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  • Interesting article with good perspective on your credit score.

    Credit Score Hysteria, A Disease Far Worse Than Bankruptcy.

    February 13, 2010

    Time for the American Psychiatric Association to coin a new disorder: Credit Score Hysteria. Hysteria is behavior exhibiting uncontrollable emotion, such as fear and panic, and loss of rational
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  • meinnc
    started a topic Does anyone use Quizzle's credit score?

    Does anyone use Quizzle's credit score?

    I had my 341 meeting on June 22, 2009.

    Prior to BK (Chapter 7) I had good credit- in the 740's. I paid all bills up until 30 days before filing Chapter 7 in May.

    I haven't checked my credit score with one of the credit reporting agencies yet, because I didn't want to pay....
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  • Can I get some personal feedback on my credit score?

    I was discharged in Ch. 7 a year ago.
    I cleaned up my credit report and it does seem to be all accurate now.

    I have 4 credit acccounts, all paid on time, and only one with 3/4 of limit used up ($500 limit), the rest either not used or only a small fraction used.
    All paid...
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