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  • LLC in default not dissolved - personal vs business liability - frozen bank acct

    I declared personal bankruptcy, chapter 13.

    The credit cards I obtained for my LLCs were also placed on my personal bankruptcy, but some creditor banks said the biz credit cards were not dischargeable, even though some banks decided to close-out the balance of my business card accounts...
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  • kirk44
    started a topic When should I stop paying my credit cards?

    When should I stop paying my credit cards?

    I am about to file Chapter 7 in the next month or two....I have about $10,000 in cash in my checking account and no other assets....and I live in Georgia. My bankruptcy should be other assets, no other debts besides credit cards.

    I've been paying on these cards for years, and...
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  • What do I do with student loans when I'm pro se

    I filed Chapter 13 with 341 and confirmation in February or so of 2009. It was dismissed when I was unable to make plan payments in about January of 2010. So for the 13, attorneys and I included the student loans, which had been current, in the bankruptcy plan payments. I'm assuming that I'm now in...
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  • meinnc
    started a topic First Day Not Paying Credit Card

    First Day Not Paying Credit Card

    Well, yesterday was the first day I have defaulted on paying a credit card. It was Discover, so we will see how long it takes them to contact me.

    My hubby and I are one of those who have been paying minimums for some time now. We finally decided we couldn't keep up with those...
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