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  • Disabled Veteran - Questions / PLEASE HELP

    I've been lurking for a bit but this is my first post. Seems there is more knowledge here then with some Attorneys so maybe someone can help me. I cant seem to find an answer to these questions. I meet with an attorney yesterday but even he did not know.

    We are in CA. My husband is...
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  • Info compiled regarding SS and bankruptcy

    This is what I have found so far regarding Social Security and Bankruptcy based on my own research. It may or may not help you (these are based on MY opinions and interpretation):

    Social Security Act : Sec. 207. [42 U.S.C. 407]

    (a) The right of any person to any future...
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  • Would spouse filing separately be better with my SSDI income?

    I posted a very similiar question on the ch. 7 thread, but because this is regarding schedule I and J and we are looking at possibly being forced to convert to a 13, it might be a better fit here.

    I am looking at trying to see what I can do regarding the SSDI income that myself and my...
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  • Should we fight the courts to get a chapter 7 because of my SS?

    My attorney called me today.

    Even though my SS income is excluded on the means test, we are fairly certain that the court will force us into a 13 because, there is still disposable income according to schedule I and J. The trustee will argue that there is a potential for abuse and that...
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  • JCOX75
    started a topic Chapter 7 and SSD income

    Chapter 7 and SSD income

    I'm new here. This is my first post.
    My husband and I just filed our chapter 7 bankruptcy petition (using a lawyer). My husband just received social security disability backpay last month. Our lawyer filed our bankruptcy paperwork last week. Due to a lot of things going on (such...
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  • mrzatl
    started a topic Need help with Ch7 Exemptions in Michigan

    Need help with Ch7 Exemptions in Michigan

    I am a long time resident of Michigan. I own two pieces of property in northern Michigan free and clear; one 5 acre parcel valued at approx. 25-30k and another 5 acre lot with dwelling valued at 65k. My wife, age 62 is disabled with Lung cancer and receives approx 1600/mo. for s.s.a. disability and...
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