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  • NextPhaseNow
    started a topic Chapter 13 discharge. Now what?

    Chapter 13 discharge. Now what?

    I just received my Order of Discharge. Under the "explanation of bankruptcy discharge in a chapter 13" the first thing stated is "this order does not close or dismiss the case". Now, I understand that the discharge is the important part, but does the case now have to be closed? Am...
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  • Near Discharge... unsecured creditors can they go after my non-filing spouse?


    I was suppose to be discharged 5/2015 but due to loan mod my balance was reduced. leaving 2nd equity loan to become unsecured debt. I just got letter from Trustee that since my secured debt is paid I am getting discharged? I have a feeling my unsecured creditor (equity loan = 60000)...
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  • Kuya
    started a topic The Final Count Down!!!

    The Final Count Down!!!

    IT has been a super long journey, but it is finally almost done and over.

    My Discharge hearing (from my 13) is scheduled for next Thursday at 9:30 am. The letter I received last month basically stated that any objections had to be in 7 days prior to the hearing (yesterday) . . and if...
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  • Kuya
    started a topic Pacer Not Updated??

    Pacer Not Updated??

    Ok, so my 13datanetwork account stated my BK13 was complete, with a complete date of 1/6/2011.

    From others on this site, I found Pacer and created an account - but the status of my BK on pacer says "awaiting confirmation hearing" . . . days in status: 1,763.

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