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  • missfontella
    started a topic Mailed my last payment today....

    Mailed my last payment today....

    I got the secured car claim added and showing correctly on the trustee's website. Requested a payoff amount (I am in the 39th month of a 60 month plan). Signed my 1328 and faxed to lawyer. Aquired the money orders and mailed my payoff today.

    Now.......*twiddles thumbs* I wait...
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  • Car liens, early payoffs, and murdered security guards.....

    Hi guys. I'm posting this to stop myself from going crazy and possibly get some insight.
    I am 38 months into a 60 month plan with below median income.

    I was desperate when I filed and did absolutely no research. My bills were paid on time but my former landlord/apartment complex...
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  • New Law Early Buyout question - Student loans

    Hello everyone (this is my first post). I have been reading up on the early buyout option and see that the plan must be paid back at 100% to do a early payoff after 36 months.

    My situation

    When I filed, it was to keep my vehicle. My bills were not behind, for the most part,...
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  • Mimsey11
    started a topic Early payoff question!

    Early payoff question!

    Hellp folks I'm brand new on here, and I was kinda wondering if anyone might be able to answer my question/s... I am currently in a chapter 13 plan, and I believe that a 100 percent of my credtiors claimed! Has anyone ever heard of getting out early of your 13 when a hundred percent of the creditors...
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  • Lawyer proposed we keep IRS refund, trustee wants all-can we fight it?

    Our plan was filed on March 1, 2010. In order to make the numbers work for our budget our lawyer proposed that we be allowed to keep up to $4000 of our income tax refund. We got a letter today that the plan was confirmed, but we must surrender 100% of our refund. Can we fight this? Our budget doesn't...
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