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  • Really nervous about my 341 b/c of gambling and new job

    So I filed in November and have my 341 later this month for a joint Chapter 7 with my wife. We have no real assets, other than 2 cars. No real estate. A significant amount of unsecured debt, combination of credit cards, payday loans, credit lines, etc. We haven't used any credit for several months...
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  • For all the worriers, I have good news, $278,000 in unsecured debt!

    I have been reading this forum for over a year and it has been the most valuable information I have ever read. I had $278,000 in unsecured credit card debt ALL of which was due to Gambling. $130,000 of it was on a home equity line of credit which our house was foreclosed on so the the $130k then became...
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  • PeterLand80
    started a topic Gambling Debt

    Gambling Debt

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in New York State and I'm filing for chapter 7 in 6 months. I have some credit card debt that is gambling related via cash advances. It's around $1,100 spread out over 3 cards. One card was for $500.00 and the other two were for $300.00 a piece. Actually $900.00...
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  • LucKyJacK
    started a topic Gambling


    I know I'm suppose to list my gambling winnings and losses on my bankruptcy paperwork. The problem is that some of the casinos I've gone to in the last year don't have record of anything I've won and lost. i don't have record either. I just put the money in the machine and cash it out if I win. The...
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  • Fedor
    started a topic CC advances, gambling

    CC advances, gambling

    Here's my situation. I'd appreciate any advice.

    About $80K unsecured debt; probably 30-40% (wild guess) payback expected. There are multiple reasons for the debt (mainly overspending, but excessive car/vet expenses and other reasons are the major ones; gambling would list around 5th...
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