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  • Romie
    started a topic 1 week until 341 meeting!!!!

    1 week until 341 meeting!!!!

    I am nervous as time gets closer. I have my 341 schedule for 7/15. I have filed a CH7 no asset with an attorney. The reason I have filed I have been getting garnished for the time I did not mind so I was repaying little by little. Then one day I started to get garnish by 2 creditors at the...
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  • Wages still being garnish after Chapter 7 have been filed!!!!

    I have filed for chapter 7 with an attorney in march of this year.
    My wages is being garnish by two judgements.
    I was told by my attorney it will stop as soon as I file and to give it about two pay period for it to stop.
    It has been 3 pay periods going onto 4th now still being garnished...
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  • Dealing with Key Bank after Ch 7- negotiate vs waiting for garnishment

    I'll try to make this short. My husband has an over $120,000 private education loan with Key Bank . Our Chapter 7 was discharged in July. He is now getting calls from Key Bank- they just ask him to call. We want to have our ducks in a row before we call. Has anyone had success negotiating a payment...
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  • Secured debt vs unsecured debt: a legal injunction by a credit card company

    Greetings: Apologies if this issue has been posed already. I'm new to this forum and am filing on my own using the Nolo book.

    My question is regarding the following: Discover Bank filed an injunction against me for credit card debt I owe. I had no funds to pay them, and so pretty much...
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  • lloway21
    started a topic Multi Faceted BK Question

    Multi Faceted BK Question

    Good evening, I'm new here so bear with me please. My question has several parts and is pretty long.

    So here goes... I helped my fiancee file a Chapter 7, Consumer, No Asset Pro Se. He was being garnished and needed to file quickly. So we were able to get the garnishment stopped by contacting...
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  • Question-Ch. 13 payment to be taken out of paycheck

    My husband and I filed Ch. 13 a month ago. We have our court date on Tues next week. Our first payment to the trustee has cleared. However, all of our following payments are going to be taken out of my paycheck (husband is unemployed). There is no way around this and I'm so mortified by this because...
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  • Need advice having debt nightmares and being sued.

    I will try to keep this as short as possible. I really need some sound advice because I am literally waking up in the middle of the night because I am so worried about this.

    First a little back story:
    My name is Tasha, I'm 22 years old, I work as a CNA (10 dollars per hour),...
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  • Received Judgement notice today - how long until garnishment/levy???

    Hi All,
    We will be filing for either CH7 or CH 13 in a couple of months (still paying attorney fees). Today, we received a judgement notice. Is there anything we can do to stop a garnishment or levy? If not, how long does it take for the garnishment to happen? We live in Florida. I would appreciate...
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  • Can Pre-Paid Debit Cards be Garnished by a Judgment Creditor?



    Can pre-paid debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logos be garnished by a judgment creditor?


    Actually, YES. I had done some Google’ing on this topic and most articles were rather vague with the answer and seemed more like...
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  • IamOld
    started a topic Really need advice!!!!

    Really need advice!!!!

    Everyone once again I need advice from the wisdom here.

    I am being sued - PROBABLY can put off "judgement day" till...June AT MOST.

    SO - problem my older child has a car that was bought with child's earnings BUT it is my name - it's and OLD POS - HEY - just realized...
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  • kphipps34
    started a topic Higher Income Bankruptcy

    Higher Income Bankruptcy

    My husband and I make approximately 111,000/year. I have over 50,000 dollars in credit card debt, 24000 in repo cars left over, and a 43000 garnishment for a Heloc on a foreclosed home. I also have 50,000 in student loan debt. We moved to Georgia 4 years ago and got into a mess with a mortgage company...
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  • Student Loan Garnishment / IRS payments - DMI (possible pro se)

    Hello All - been lurking for about a week, read a ton of posts but cant find answers to some particular questions.

    I've been looking into filing Ch 7 for a while now, but February 1st would be the earliest I could file (income went drastically down in August last year) to be below median...
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  • DesdemonaB
    started a topic Garnishment & BK7

    Garnishment & BK7

    Hello All

    First post here at BK Forum - be kind.

    I thought I read somewhere here on this board that if you had a on-going garnishment, then file BK with the automotic stays the granishment stop, but if you are garnished by error the creditor has to pay you back - is that...
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  • ELS212
    started a topic Garnishment = confusing, help me clarify!!

    Garnishment = confusing, help me clarify!!

    I don't get it - I read through a couple stickies and in one place it looks like they can just up and take your money after they get a judgment (for me, a summary judgment on a Cap1 credit card which was granted 10/7/10) and then I read something else that says they have to have a garnishment hearing...
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  • clarkt099
    started a topic Very Nervous About Whole 341 Meeting

    Very Nervous About Whole 341 Meeting

    I am new to this forum, I was wondering if anyone has any pointers or things i should look for during this. I mean is the trustee going to take my tax return which I planned on using as my down payment to get myself a car. How long after my 341 meeting will I be discharged of my debts. Also in my...
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