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  • redwinger
    started a topic Means test and household size question

    Means test and household size question

    Here is my dilemma. I am divorced pay a hefty alimony and child support payment. I do not pass the means test just by my self. My daughter is with me twice a week and every other weekend. My significant other lives in the house and does not contribute more than $200 in household expenses and her...
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  • Dependent kids count towards Chapter 7 household size?

    We have 2 dependent children who are part of the year away at college. Can they be counted towards the household number for the number of persons for Chapter 7 purposes?
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  • Same question, same district, really different answers

    I've posted a few times about my questions relating to household size. The answer I got from the first lawyer I consulted with was very different from those I got on this forum. So, I have been talking to other lawyers, all in the same district. So far, no 2 lawyers have given me the same answer ...
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  • kathy4530050
    started a topic question about household size

    question about household size

    This is a really simple question, but I am confused about household size. I am a single parent and currently have two boys in college. Their father pays for their tuition out of college accounts they've had since they were babies and they contribute to their own college living expenses. One of them...
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